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Cobalt Model 78640 1-Chan 3.6 GHz or 2-Chan 1.8 GHz 12-bit A/D with Virtex-6 FPGA - PCIe


•Ideal radar and software radio interface solution

•Supports Xilinx Virtex-6 LXT and SXT FPGAs

•One-channel mode with 3.6 GHz, 12-bit A/D

•Two-channel mode with 1.8 GHz, 12-bit A/Ds

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XP Migration, What's Your Plan?


In April, Microsoft will be ending its support of Windows XP. What do you do to protect your investment? This popular operating system (OS) used by point-of-sale (POS) terminals, ATMs, medical devices, back-office servers, and industrial control systems need ongoing security patches to counter attacks from new virus, malware and code vulnerabilities. What can OEM do to ensure that systems handling mission-critical data or that require high availability remain compliant to the respective regulatory or auditing body?

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Embedded systems and devices based on Windows XP Embedded will soon be facing the termination of Microsoft support. Unlike desktop systems, embedded devices have been developed for dedicated applications that are intended for life cycles of up to ten years or more. Many of these systems have also undergone certification in certain specific application areas and cannot simply adopt a new version of the OS without a long, complex and costly recertification. Lacking Microsoft support, there is still a strong need for support to delay end of life for these devices in much the same sense that there are independent vendors that offer such support for hardware components. In this case, it will require companies stepping to the plate who can provide ongoing support, maintenance and updates for XP Embedded-based systems;

RTC Magazine, Tom Williams, editor-in-chief

Putting FPGAs to Work for Software Radio Handbook

FPGAs have become an increasingly important resource for software radio systems. Programmable logic technology now offers significant advantages for implementing software radio functions such as DDCs (Digital Down converters) and much more…

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Pentek, Rodger H. Hosking


Providing a Built-in Foundation for Internet Security

Protecting the Internet of Things from attacks on critical data and designs requires that modern embedded systems be effortlessly and inexpensively secured with a combination of flexible, intelligent and reactive countermeasures all built on a hardware root-of-trust.

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4th Generation Intel Core processors for embedded systems: Better energy efficiency thanks to new microarchitecture

Intel has recently launched the 4th Generation Core processors (codenamed Haswell). The focus for the embedded models is on high performance; without incurring an increase in power consumption. Some impressive improvements have been achieved, particularly with regards to vector processing, floating point calculations and graphics performance.

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MythBuster – “Extended Temperature” Embedded Computers

When integrating Single Board Computers (SBCs) into industrial, military, and aerospace systems, engineers typically specify an extended temperature range SBC for their embedded computing requirements. The “extended temperature” designation theoretically assures that the SBC will perform reliably in extreme temperature environments. If an SBC supplier labels their product as “extended temperature”, then it will be reliable in the field. Right?

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The Internet of Things: Feeling Our Way to the Future

They were wrong about my flying car. But I’ve gotten over that after seeing it as a kid in all those “Wonderful World of Tomorrow” clips that flew around so many years ago. It is, of course, natural to try to project where further developments of today’s technology are going to take us, and it‘s certainly no crime to be optimistic. Then again, back in 1958 there was a terrible Boris Karloff film titled, Frankenstein 1970. We won‘t go there but needless to say, I‘m not holding my breath for a jet pack.

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RTC Magazine, Tom Williams, Editor-in-chief

The ARM Module Market is Kicking into High Gear--and Standards are Lagging Behind

For a long time, a wide range of providers have divided up the embedded ARM module market between themselves with their own form factors. With the unveiling of the ARM Cortex A9 processor, large companies from the x86 module market are now entering the ring. As is normal in the x86 market, they are now striving for standardization on the ARM module market. The interesting question is why no standards have been established so far on the ARM module market, and whether the newly-proposed standards will gain acceptance on the market. In any case there is no unity among the large x86 companies, and as a result, alongside the proprietary systems two different standard concepts are available on the market. Read More

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TQ Group

Industry Insider

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute has made public its final report from ETSI‘s Cloud Standards Coordination initiative. The report was delivered at an event jointly organized between ETSI and the European Commission attended by over 100 experts from the cloud community. The overall objective of the Cloud Standards Coordination initiative led by ETSI was to identify a detailed map of the standards required to support a series of policy objectives defined by the European Commission. The initiative attracted Cloud industry players, public authorities, user associations and more than 20 standards-setting organizations to work collectively on this objective. Read More

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RTC Group

New VITA 59 RCE Standard

MEN Micro

The Mini-K7 is a user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument that includes a full Windows/Linux PC and supports a wide assortment of ultimate-performance FMC modules. Download data sheets & pricing now!

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The ICECARE-10W, Mobile Sales Assistant, is powered by the Intel Core I7-3517U, 1.9GHz processor. In order to meet business purpose, the ICECARE-10W is equipped with a 1D or 2D barcode reader, an HF RFID reader, a smart card reader and a magnetic stripe card reader.

• High brightness TFT-LCD panel with LED backlight

• Multiple storage options: 2.5" SATA HDD, CF slot, and mSATA

• Dual Ethernet provides continuous network service and allows sharing among different workgroups in two different subnets

• Optional PCIe Mini 802.11b/g/n wireless module and solutions.

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Advantech is glad to announce the launch of of UBC-200, an ARM-based compact box computer powered by the Freescale ARM Cortex™–A9 i.MX6 dual/quad core high performance processor. UBC-200 is intended to be used as a core computing element in the growing demand for IoT applications. It is a compact size and high performance box computer with metal chassis, DIN rail and wall-mount support, fanless design, 9 ~ 24V wide range power input, and multiple I/O options. UBC-200 is a stable, efficient solution that is able to operate 24/7 and is targeted at IoT cloud-based services and solutions.

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TQMa6x Starter Kit from TQ-USA

TQ Group

This i.MX6 (Cortex-A9) based TQ module will save you time and money in your next design. Our SOMs are the smallest in the industry without compromising quality and reliability, and bring out all the processor signals to the Tyco connectors. Need to get to market quickly? A TQ module can reduce your development time by up to 12 months.

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DFI Technology

DFI launches HD620-H81, a new ATX board in its cost-effective product line based on the latest 4th Gen Intel Core processors. Thanks to the Intel H81 chipset, this model not only provides high performance I/O ports but enhances capability.

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The HDAV2000KLV is a High Definition video codec with support for extraction of STANAG 4609 KLV Metadata from HD-SDI sources. The HDAV2000KLV is built on established AMP ultra low latency, video and audio encoding technology.

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Innovative Integration

The FMC-310 a high speed digitizing and signal generation FMC IO module featuring four 310 MSPS A/D channels supported by sample clock and triggering features. Receiver IF frequencies of up to 155 MHz are supported.

Support logic in VHDL is provided for integration with FPGA carrier cards. Specific support for Innovative carrier cards includes integration with Framework Logic tools that support VHDL/Verilog and Matlab developers. The Matlab BSP supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using the graphical block diagram Simulink environment with Xilinx System Generator for the FMC are integrated within the FPGA carrier card.

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Elma Electronics

Elma’s high quality COTS rugged packaging is designed to meet the harshest MIL and industrial standards in deployed applications.

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MSC Embedded

Description: The MSC Q7-BT is based on the Qseven Rev. 2.0 and Intel's 22nm multi-core System-On-Chip (SOC) Atom processor. It integrates next generation Intel processor core, graphics, memory, and I/O interfaces into one solution. This compact, power and cost efficient module supports dual independent display support, DirectX 11.1, fast DDR3L memory and USB 3.0. Single, dual, and quad-core processors are supported by this design. The MSC Q7-BT offers hardware based security compliant to the requirements of TCG (Trusted Computing Group).

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